Oxidisation removes swimmer wastes and destroys organic contaminants in the water. The aim of regular oxidisation is to keep the pool water sparkling and clear of impurities. Oxidisation also removes chloramines which are the result of free chlorine particles reacting with nitrogen-based materials in the water. Chloramines are often the causes of skin and eye irritation, with the overbearing chlorine smell blamed on the chlorine itself.


Lite is a maintenance oxidiser for chlorinated pools with a unique blend of oxidising and clarifying agents that improves chlorine efficiency. Lite destroys chloramines and musty odours whilst allowing swimmers to return into the pool after just one hour. Lite is administered in one single weekly dose.

Burn Out Extreme

Burn Out Extreme’s multifunctional granules provide a convenient and economical means of shocking swimming pools and treating pools with chlorine demand and algae problems. Burn Out Extreme also has less skin and eye irritation that many other chlorinating products.