Copper Based – Back Up III

Back Up III is a copper-based algae inhibitor that works extremely well with chlorinating products to prevent a broad spectrum of algae growth. Back Up III is long lasting and effective against all common and many mutant strains of algae. Back Up III has a unique non-staining formulation and the addition of built in clarifier helps remove dead algae faster.


AlgiGuard is a highly effective quat-based algaecide that lowers surface tension to help repel ducks and insects. It also works well with chlorinating products to prevent a wide spectrum of algae growth.

Algi Destroyer

Algi Destroyer is an effective destroyer of stubborn algae infestations, especially green and black spot algae. By combining two active ingredients into one formula, a double action attack eradicates algae swiftly and successfully.

Starver X

Starver X utilises next generation phosphate removal technology to eradicate high phosphate levels in swimming pools. Phosphates are a source of nutrients for algae and if untreated, can turn your pool green resulting in significant cost to rectify. Starver X is a patented phosphate remover which efficiently and effectively removes phosphates without clouding pool water. By removing phosphates, Starver X effectively creates an environment in swimming pools where algae find it incredibly hard to grow.